How to make a beautiful paper Christmas tree

The Christmas tree has become a very close and familiar image to each of us when the Christmas comes. Right now, we are going to show you how to make a beautiful paper pine tree.


Materials need to be prepared:

  • Cartridge paper
  • Glue
  • Colorful pictures for Christmas
  • Carbon paper
  • White glitter for decoration


Step 1: First sketch a pine and a base for the fine with specific parameter on a paper.

Step 2: Put the drawing above with the specific parameters on a cartridge paper to make a copy then cut the pine tree and its base from the paper.

Step 3: Use a tape to cover all cutting edge, then use a glue to fix the truck of the pine tree to the base.

Step 4: Cut the carbon paper into small pieces, then apply the glue on the back and put them on the entire surface of the pine.

Step 5: Put the glue on the entire back of the picture and then put on the entire surface of the tree to cover it

Step 6: Apply glue on the roofs on the surface of the pine and scatter a thick layer of white glitter on the entire tree.

Step 7: Put the glue in a bag and cut a small hole on the bag, then apply the glue on the border of each image on the picture, then continue to scatter glitter on the surface of the tree again.

Step 8: Apply the glue on the entire edge of the pine and the base and continue to cover a lay of glitter on top. Then, use a brush to remove the unwanted glitter out of the picture.


You can decorate the pine tree with a beautiful and impressive sphere like the picture above.

These paper pine trees can be meaningful gifts to give friends and family. Good luck!