How to make a beautiful photo frame with buttons

You can always change old photo frames into new frames with lovely buttons, instead of throwing them away. Right now, we will show you how to make a photo frame with pretty buttons.


Materials need to be prepared

  • Classic round buttons with many colors
  • Silicon glue gun and silicon glue
  • Picture frames


Step 1: First, you apply a layer of paint on the entire surface of the frame skillfully and then wait for it to dry.

Step 2: Use the silicon glue to attach 4 big buttons to the corners to create a highlighted feature for the frame. Then, carefully attach other buttons outside with different size adjacently to each other.

Step 3: Finally you just put a photo or a picture inside and place it wherever you want

You can also create your own photo frame by putting a layer of paint on the surface of the frame delicately.


Just a little time, after a few simple steps, you now have an impressive photo frame made out of. Good luck!