How to make a cute mini house for your pet

Have you had a pet to love and trust as a loyal friend? If you have a lovely pet beside you and you love your pet as a friend, do not miss this article. Your pet would love to have a cute mini house! Today we will share with you how to make a pretty mini house for your pet.


Are you excited to make a lovely house for your pet by yourself? It is very simple! All you have to prepare include:

  • Cartridge papers
  • Glue gun
  • Silicon glue
  • A paper knife
  • A ruler
  • A drawing compass


Step 1: Cut a cartridge paper into two pentagons like in the picture below, the length of the bottom edge is 60 cm, the length of two edges in two sides is 60cm, the length of two edges in top is 36 cm. On one pentagon, draw a U-shape with the width of 30cm, the length of 35-40cm, corresponding to the size of your puppy (to make the door for your puppy). Then use a knife to remove the U-shape.

Step 2: Cut two squares from the paper with the length of one edge is 60cm and cut two rectangles with dimensions of 60 * 36cm. Two squares are used as walls so you can decorate them like making windows in the middle as shown in the picture. Two rectangles are used as roofs so you can stick a picture or spray color it to make the dog’s roof look more beautiful:

Use a large rectangle with the size of 1m2 * 90cm to make the floor. Use the glue gun to attach pieces together. Start with four pieces of walls first then attach two sheets of roofs. Note: Put the house on the corner of the base as the following picture:

Step 3:  Now make fences for the house. Cut the carton into pieces with the size of 60 * 10cm, 90 * 10cm, 75 * 10cm, 15 * 10cm, 30 * 10cm. then, use a ruler and a pen to draw rectangles with the size of 4 * 8cm and then cut them off using the paper knife. Use the glue gun to attach fences on the edge of the base

Step 4:  Now we will make stairs for the house. Cut 6 pieces of paper with the size of 5 * 80cm, stick 2 pieces together to form 3 pillars. Similarly, cut 4 pieces of paper with the size of 5 * 20cm, use glue to stick 2 pieces together to make 2 pillars. Stick these pillars on the model like in the picture below.

Step 5:  Make stairs for the house. Prepare 2 large pieces of paper and 10 small pieces of paper with the size 20 * 10cm, stick small pieces of paper on the large piece of paper to make stairsteps like picture below. Use glue to fix the stairs on the base and the pillars like the picture below

Step 6: make balcony for the house by cutting 3 pieces of paper with the size of 60*10cm, 45*10cm, and 20*10cm, then do like step 3


Step 7: now you just need to put a cushion on the top of the house and a food tray for your dog:

Besides, you can decorate the house with lovely stickers to finish the work. Let’s see if your dog like that house or not!