How to make a unique lamp with ropes

Lamps are becoming increasingly popular with many designs as well as various features to meet the needs of consumers. Right now, we are going to show you how to make a unique rope lamp


Materials need to be prepared

  • Ropes for decoration with the thickness of 2mm
  • Yellow wool
  • Liquid glue
  • Silicon glue gun and silicon glue
  • Lamp frame


Step 1: First, put glue on the rope and wrap it around supporting bars. Then, use the silicon glue to attach the supporting bars to the original positions firmly.

Step 2: Put the silicon glue on the rope and then wrap it around the surface of the lamp to cover it and wait for it to dry. You can use the dryer to make glue dry faster.

Step 3: Wrap the rope around the entire surface of the trunk carefully and then, attach the lamp socket to the top of the lamp trunk firmly.

Step 4: Attach the stones around the bottom of the lamp body. After that, attach the rope to the wool and put them on surface of the lamp to create beautiful patterns

Step 5: Put the rope and the yellow wool on the liquid glue and put them on the plastic part to create the beautiful patterns. Then let it dry then we will have a lamp shade, then attach colorful stones around the surface of the lamp shade to enhance the uniqueness.

Step 6: Put the bulb on the lamp socket, then put the lamp shade on the top of the supporting bars firmly


Just need a little time you can make a beautiful rope lamp to put it on the table or to decorate the house. Good luck!