How to make Japanese clay earrings

Earrings are beautiful accessories for women. A pair of earrings can make a girl prettier, more dynamic, depending on the style of each person. Most earrings are made of metal like gold and silver, but there is a unique material to make beautiful or cheap jewelry, which is Japanese clay. So let’s learn how to make nice Japanese clay earrings with us.



  • Japanese clay (pink)
  • Hook earring (a type of earring accessory)
  • Black beads (black, small, non-slip, multi-sided)
  • Bending nails (for jewelry)
  • Nail polish
  • Tools needed: cutting pliers, bending pliers, sharp knives, sharp knives


Step 1: First, we roll a thin piece of pink clay, then cut four small leaves.


Step 2: Cut a small piece of V-shaped paper, place it on a thin pinkish clay, use a knife to cut the piece of paper.


Do the same with another V of the same size.

Step 3: rolling two ends of a clay leaf each other to form half a rib.

Do the same with the other 3 leaves. Then pair them together to form two lovely ribbons, using a sharp knife to do the two pieces together.

Step 4: Use a flat nose flat nose inserted in the middle of the bow, while using a pointed curly to create the middle folds create a natural look like wrinkles on both sides of the knot.

Step 5: We cut two pink clay strands, then wrap the ribbon between them, cut off the excess and use a puddle to fold the wrap around the back of the bow.

Step 6: Using a sharp knife pierces a small hole between the bow, then nail the nail through the hole from bottom to top of the bow.

Step 7: Apply nail polished 2 ribs.

Step 8: Put two round beads into two bending nails.

Then use the bending pliers to bend the other end and cut off the excess. Similarly, you use the pliers to bend the remaining nail on the bow and cut off the excess.

Step 10: Finally, use a small plier to open the bending head of the bead and fold the bending head of the bow, then close it, continue to open the remaining bending head of the bead and insert the hook in the ear. Then bend it back. Now you have finished making a pair of earrings.

With simple steps, you can make yourself a pair of beautiful, unique earrings for yourself. These ribbon-shaped earrings will give you a feminist, graceful and adorable look. Let’s get started and do not forget to visit us to learn how to make beautiful Japanese clay earrings and other beautiful Japanese handmade clay products.

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