How to make the BBQ oven from coke cans

Are you a traveller who likes new adventures? Or simply, you love to make interesting homemade gadgets for yourself from everyday things which are easy to find. Today, we will share with you how to make a simple BBQ oven with coke cans enjoy hot dog buns while resting on the road or many other grilled dishes wherever you want


Are you ready to make a handy barbecue oven right now? Please have the following materials ready to start making a BBQ oven:

  • Coke cans
  • A ruler
  • Screws with the length of 5-10cm)
  • A hinge
  • A piece of steel wire with the width of 2-4 mm and the length of 50cm
  • A pliers
  • A sanding pad
  • A Scissors or a paper knife
  • Felt tip pens
  • A drill


Step 1: First wash a can and let it dry. Then, use a ruler and a felt tip pen to draw two lines along the can to divide the can into two halves: a deeper half for charcoal, a shallow half for the lid of the oven.

Step 2: Use a scissors (or knife) to cut the can along two marked lines. Continue to use the pliers to cut the edge of the bottom of the can, split the coke can into two separated half

Step 3:  Grind the cutting edges on two halves of the can by the sanding pad to avoid injuries and make the edges look better.

Step 4: Take the deeper half of the can and use the scissors to cut two straight parallel lines as the following picture:

Then fold the edge like the picture below to form the body of the oven

Step 5: Still use this half of the can, take a felt tip pen to mark 4 points which are 4 top of a rectangle (which are 4 legs of the oven). Drill 4 small holes (just enough for the screws you have prepared). Then, put 4 screws through the holes and fix it.

Step 6: Take the piece of steel wire and bend it into a continuous U-shape, so that the length of each U shape is longer than the diameter of coke can from 1-2cm so that we can put the wire on the can as the following picture:

Step 7: put the remaining half of can on top of the other half, place the hinge in the middle. Use a pen to mark 4 points to attach the screws to the hinges and the cans and drill four holes correspondingly, then attach 4 small screws to fix the hinges to two halves of the can.

Step 8: Now we just need to put coal and little alcohol to the oven, fire up and put the sausage in the grill and wait a few minutes to be able to enjoy delicious sausages.

And this is the result:


Although the steps are very simple, the usefulness of this barbecue oven made from the coke can is very attractive right? Have you made a BBQ oven for yourself?